In addition to our fantastic array of video games, a wide variety of merchandise will be on sale as well at the arcade. Some of it is official Child’s Play gear, some of it is fan-made, and some of it is simply merchandise that clubs on the UB campus have put up for sale for the sake of the Child’s Play cause. All proceeds from merchandise sales go directly to the Child’s Play Charity Foundation.

The merchandise at the table will include:

Child’s Play Charity Official T-shirts

These are some fantastic t-shirts that show off your cred as a true gamer. Let the world know about your care for others, as well as your embrace of the game culture. And, as an added bonus, this t-shirt doubles up your donation to Child’s Play– proceeds from our initial purchase of the shirt goes to Child’s Play, and then proceeds from our resale to you doubles your impact! In sizes ranging from small to double extra large. ($20)

Child’s Play Hand-Crocheted Hat

Is your head cold? Are you anticipating your head being cold? Ward off the frost with these handmade Child’s Play hats, complete with knitted controller logos! Gaming never felt so warm and supportive! ($10)

Child’s Play “GiveStrong” Wristbands

These American-produced gummy wristbands are the perfect wrist-based display of your impact on the life of vulnerable children. Show you care with this trendy green wristband and gain access to the Child’s Play Charity Arcade! (Donation)

Child’s Play Ceramic Hot Beverage Mug

Mugs. With the Child’s Play logo. Ideal for hot beverages, but suitable for cold ones as well. Sturdy. A fine mug for a fine cause. ($15)

Child’s Play 2GB +5 Awesome Flash Drive of Holding

Flash drives are retro chic in our ever-accelerating technological culture and these custom made flash drives don’t just have the Child’s Play Charity logo beautifully printed on the side. Pre-loaded onto this awesome deal of a memory stick, you’ll find a dozen of the best freeware games the internet has to offer. The game selection ranges from puzzle games to racing titles to first-person shooters to platformers, with a special headliner taking the spot of game #13: Totalitarianism Turbo, the 2013 Indie Game Contest winner. All games that are available for Mac will include both Windows and Mac files. ($15)

Child’s Play Charity Super-Fly Stickers

Stickers- for whenever you want to say something by defacing your laptop. Get your Child’s Play pride on in sticky format! It’s the Child’s Play logo, in a surprisingly cropped circle. Be amazed! ($1)

Delicious Sweet and Savory Foodstuffs

Our partners, the Latin American Student Association, have provided a pair of awesome food snack offerings to accommodate your Charity Arcade gaming hunger: fried beef empanadas and sweetly iced cake pops! At only a dollar apiece, these are fantastic treats for your stomach and your wallet! ($1)