Rock Band Open Mic

Rock Band Open Mic Night | Student Center Cafe | M 5-8PM | FREE

We’re kicking off Child’s Play Week in high gear with the return of our popular Rock Band Open Mic Night. Join your friends in the ultimate rock star fantasy, and possibly enjoy a bit of mutual embarrassment in the process. This event is totally FREE, with pizza, drinks, and Rock Band 3 totally free to access. Harmonize your vocals or burst out into a solo! Lay down the beat like a pro on the drums! Shred some strings on the guitar or get the groove going on bass! Show off your fleet fingers on the piano! Most importantly, we’re going to celebrate our great cause and start the week off strong for Child’s Play!

In addition to all of the fun of legitimate Rock Band shenanigans, there will also be an opportunity for crowd-sourced embarrassment as the DDG Executive Board puts their dignity on the line for the kids. Each officer has been assigned a set of three songs, rife with potential for embarrassment, and the people get to decide who goes through with it. That’s right, in addition to the items you purchase from the Child’s Play merchandise table, every cent you put in goes into the officer till(s) of your choice. The officer with the most money at 7:15 is going to rock the night and jeopardize their professional futures and the three top donaters get to join in on the fun.

And a mysterious parcel was sent to us with a flyer inside. All the return address said was. “The Legendary Rock Band Band”. Who? Either way, it’s all happening on Monday night! See you there!