Injustice & Mario Kart Dual Tournaments

Injustice & Mario Kart Dual Tournaments | Student Center Cafe | Tu 5-8PM | FREE

The DC Comics Universe just got a little more hands-on. From the creators of Mortal Kombat, superheroes will collide at UB on Tuesday night with Injustice: Gods Among Us. This free to access event (with food for contenders and the audience) features a very special prize for the glorious victor: an amazing statue featuring Batman and Wonder Woman in battle, previously only available by purchasing the limited edition of the game. It is a trophy worthy of a god amongst mankind. Please note, registration will be open from Monday through Wednesday at the Child’s Play Charity Arcade and will close promptly at 5PM Wednesday evening. We ask you only register if you are able to stay for the length of the entire event.

But is that all for tonight’s festivities? No, there’s another tournament afoot at the same time as the Injustice Tournament! But what could it be…?

We’re off to the races in the most prolific of kart racers: Mario Kart Wii. Get behind the Wii-l in between rounds of Injustice and set a record time in this test of speed and skill. Gamecube controllers will be available for those desiring a more traditional method of control. And don’t worry, the Mario Kart Wii tournament features a fantastic prize of its own: a glorious trophy cup, engraved to commemorate your victory.

And remember, this event is FREE and will feature free food and drinks for everyone, participants and viewers alike! Come on by on this heated Wednesday night!